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Annmarie Cristiani

Director of Leasing

Annmarie brings several years of industry experience in leadership, leasing, and marketing.

Annmarie works alongside regional property managers, corporate leadership and investors to implement processes that drive traffic, renewals, and improve the overall customer experience.

Prior to CAF, Annmarie held the following roles:

National Leasing and Marketing Consultant, JRK Property Holdings: In this position, Annmarie assessed issues related to declining occupancy levels and implemented strategies to increase occupancy.

Leasing Manager, North American Properties: In this position, Annmarie successfully increased occupancy of a failing A property from 82% to a 98% stabilized level within six months.

Prior to this, Annmarie was a corporate sales manager in both mortgage finance and real estate working for companies such as Washington Mutual Bank, Chemical Bank, TD Bank and ReMax Traditions Real Estate.

Annmarie lives in Grapevine, TX.