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Ernesto Ayala

District Maintenance Supervisor

Ernesto’s exceptional skills and unwavering work ethic have made a lasting impact at every property within our portfolio where he has worked. He joined our team in 2020, and from the start, he fearlessly tackled the challenges of one of our most demanding properties in Houston. Since then, Ernesto has consistently excelled in his roles at various locations, including Châteaux Dijon, where he successfully transformed the maintenance upkeep.

Ernesto’s hands-on problem-solving approach allows him to handle a wide range of maintenance tasks in-house, significantly reducing the need for outsourcing. His dedication to going above and beyond in his work is evident, as he consistently demonstrates his ability to deliver exceptional results. Not only does he excel in his individual responsibilities, but he also extends a helping hand to his team members, embodying a team-oriented mindset.

Throughout his journey at different properties, Ernesto’s positive attitude and strong work ethic have garnered the respect of his colleagues and superiors. He has fostered a supportive work environment and actively contributed to the growth and development of his fellow team members.