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Jorge Avellaneda

District Manager

Jorge started his journey with us in 2018 as a Leasing Agent. He quickly moved up to Leasing Manager in 2019, then Regional Leasing Agent in 2020, and Property Manager in 2022.

Jorge’s impressive management track record includes overseeing properties in Houston and Phoenix, such as The Kacey at Kingwood and Carlyle at South Mountain. Notably, Jorge has been honored as ‘Leasing Agent of the Year’ in 2019 and ‘Property Manager of the Year’ in 2022, showcasing his outstanding performance and leadership.

Jorge’s management style is characterized by keen observation and a hands-on approach. He has a knack for understanding team dynamics and guiding them towards success. His passion for leasing, a fundamental aspect of property management, coupled with his proactive approach to problem-solving, has consistently led to positive results.